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About David and Garrett'


Garrett and David Rose are a father-son duo passionate about life and personal development. Together, they have spoken to audiences worldwide, inspiring their audience to overcome adversity and develop a healthy mindset in the face of challenges.

Garrett's life and David's career as a Division 1 head basketball coach have given them a unique perspective on the lessons that can be learned through wins and losses. They have both experienced the highs and lows of competition and have come to appreciate the importance of resilience and perseverance in achieving success.

But their message extends far beyond the court. Garrett and David have faced personal tragedies and setbacks, including losing loved ones, Daves's battling pancreatic cancer, surviving a heart attack, and overcoming a severe stroke. Through these experiences, they have learned the power of resilience and the importance of having a positive mindset.

Their message is simple yet powerful: no matter your life challenges, you can overcome them with the right mindset and approach. Whether through sports or personal development, the lessons learned through overcoming adversity can be applied to all areas of life.

Garrett and David offer practical advice and strategies for developing resilience and achieving success. They encourage their audiences to focus on the process of growth and improvement rather than solely on the outcome. They emphasize the importance of perseverance and grit and remind their listeners that setbacks are a natural part of the journey toward success.

Their message has resonated with audiences across the country, and their impact has been felt in the lives of countless individuals. By sharing their personal stories and insights, Garrett and David are helping to create a culture of sportsmanship and resilience and inspiring others to overcome adversity and achieve their goals.

David Rose Family BYU
Dave Rose Coach of BYU
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Speaking Messages


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good day"

"how adults are destroying youth sports, and what we need to do differently"




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